I wanted to share some great news with you, since Olive Branch played a large part in it. [My son] is graduating from [high school] this year and is attending the University of New Mexico in the fall on a baseball/academic scholarship. It has been a long road, but God has been so good to us. I just want to thank you and your staff for your part in his journey. Repeating the 8th grade was not easy on him, but your school was amazing. He is a better, more successful young man for it.I will always be grateful.

–Renee C.

I love sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with my students.  To witness their love for God, spiritual growth and to hear from parents how their child has blessed them by praying, singing and talking about Jesus.  It is an honor I do not take lightly… I do not consider it a “job” to teach at Olive Branch, rather a mission – to be chosen by God to do His work and to do it well.

–Giesele Wood 1st Grade Teacher

I have also been blessed to have my own children attend Olive Branch. My daughter graduated from Junior High 4 years ago, and my son just started Junior High this year. My son has been at Olive Branch since preschool. My daughter graduated with honors from high school, and I will always be grateful for the education she received while at Olive Branch, as well as the spiritual foundation that was solidified while she was here. I cannot tell you what a blessing it has been to know that while they were at Olive Branch, my children were in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment where they would be taught the same Christian worldview my husband and I have always taught them at home. Olive Branch does a wonderful job of shaping the minds and hearts of its students, teaching them to find a straight path in a crooked world.

–Anne Y.

I am more than certain that God led my family to OBCS, not only to receive an outstanding education but more importantly, to be introduced to Jesus and to learn about Him. I am eternally grateful for the life changing experiences we have had at OBCS.

–Jill T.

The teachers are fabulous! They are able to provide attention to each student because the classrooms are not overcrowded. They are truly dedicated to the personal spiritual and academic growth of their students. It pleases me that both of my children every day loved to go to school and took pride in every achievement. I am so very blessed by every teacher, staff member, child care provider, and OB church for the solid foundation that they have provided for my children.

–Robin H.

I would encourage any involved parent to see what Olive Branch Christian School has to offer. I have been an Olive Branch parent for years, and I have been consistently and excessively pleased with the academic and moral instruction that Olive Branch has provided. In areas where my daughter excels, they manage to keep her interested and challenged, and in areas where she is not as strong, they still keep her engaged and encouraged. I appreciate the focus on a classical curriculum as I believe that it produces a well-rounded student. By continuing to invest time in areas like foreign language and the arts, areas that are largely disappearing in the public schools, I believe my daughter receives not simply a download of the facts and figures of a standardized education, but rather a firm foundation to explore, examine and critically act upon the world around her. They are my perfect partner as I guide my child toward being a person of intelligence and integrity.

–Brian N.

We believe because of the great Christian foundation and studies at OBCS [our son] Austin was well prepared and had great success… Through the years Austin has made great choices in friends, attended church youth group studies played keyboard and still does on the worship team at church.  After graduating high school, Austin moved on to California Baptist University with scholarships in Music and Academics. We are very excited to see where the Lord will lead Austin his future seems very exciting!

–Vicki L.

I love the firm foundation that my son is getting… [and] that he learns ethics and morals every day at Olive Branch. It really makes a difference in him.

–Debbie R.